Crocodile invasion of London fake — this time

Yacht owners in London probably live a very posh life. Owning an expensive boat in one of the most expensive cities in the world is certainly a status symbol. And then one day you see a crocodile swimming towards you.

A boater in London’s Chelsea Harbor tweeted a video of what appeared to be a crocodile–or alligator, we forget the difference–poking its head out of the water and looking around. The man said that the bobbies had been called. After all the panic, it turned out to just be a pretty lifelike pond ornament floating around.

It seems obvious that this was the animals testing the London police response to such an incident. They will learn from it, and strike again.

War on Animals turns 10

We’d like to say that it seems like only yesterday that the War on Animals because, but it hasn’t. It’s been a long war, and we’re far from done. But 10 years ago today was where it began.

As with so many other wars throughout history, this one began in Australia. People upset over the assassination of Steve Irwin decided to fight back against stingrays. We learned our lesson for being too lenient with the creatures of the Earth, and finally realized it was time to wipe them all out.

Our fight continues today. We will fight on, for this is a fight we can win, and a fight worth fighting. With animals eliminated, we will make the world safer for mankind. Please take a moment today and look back on the victories and defeats that have led us here.