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You’re not helping, sketchy neighbors

Have you heard about the new app, SketchFactor, that lets you know whether a neighborhood is sketchy? Sure, it’s probably racist, and if it isn’t, it soon will be, since it’s crowdsourced.

One Washington, D.C. news team went out into one of the so-called sketchy neighborhoods to get reactions from people and probably to show how un-sketchy it really was. Then their van got burglarized.

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Iceland? More like Incestland

Finally, we have an answer to the question, "Why is Bjork?"
Finally, we have an answer to the question, “Why is Bjork?”

How bad is the incest problem in Iceland? So bad that they need an app called Islendiga-App — or “App of Icelanders” — to compare family histories before swapping sex juice.

With a population of 320,000, inadvertently hooking up with relatives is so commonplace in Iceland that the app has already been downloaded 4,000 times in less than a month. And according to one Icelander, Einar Magnusson, a graphic designer in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, “Everyone has heard the story of going to a family event and running into a girl you hooked up with some time ago.”

The app allows two users to touch phones and compare family history. If activated, an incest prevention alarm will go off. And if you haven’t activated the alarm, but still use the app anyway, then you are probably disgusting.

On the plus side, you can also use the app to find the birthday of every Icelander listed in the Book of Icelanders database. What should you get them? Genetic diversity is a good start.

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In space, no one can hear you scream about roaming charges

Next up: testing Dr. Marketing Writer's June 1978 claim that we'll believe a man can fly by launching one in orbit.
Next up: testing Dr. Marketing Writer’s June 1978 claim that we’ll believe a man can fly by launching one in orbit.

Researchers from the University of Surrey launched a smartphone into orbit from India. They will then test the theory presented in the May 1979 issue of renown science journal, Poster for Alien, by Dr. Marketing Writer that “in space, no one can hear you scream.”

They’re using a smart phone application that was custom-designed by the Cambridge University Space Flight and is cryptically called the Scream in Space app. (Neither school has confirmed whether ice cream is involved.) When activated, it will play several pre-recorded screams, and then check to see if the phone’s receiver “hears” it.

Not only is this a landmark case for testing movie theories, but it will also be the first use of the voice feature on a smartphone since 2005.

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Be sure to use a screen protector

Guys who wear turtlenecks swear they need an iPad to make the app work.
Guys who wear turtlenecks swear they need an iPad to make the app work.

When it comes to male genitalia, size matters. At least, it does during dick measuring contests. Or, according to the makers of a smart phone app that measures your penis, when selecting a properly sized condom.

Research by the American Sexual Health Association indicates that men who forgo wearing condoms during sex often do so because they don’t fit comfortably. This has contributed to, according to sex researchers from Indiana University, a misconception that condoms reduce sexual satisfaction in general. Ergo: using the Condom Size app from VSM Enterprises to properly appraise your penis should help you enjoy more pleasurable, safer sex.

It’s as easy as one-two-holding “your hard member straight against inches or centimeters on side screen,” and then using a piece of string for your girth measurements. (Well, that escalated rather quickly, didn’t it?)

Oh, and did we mention that you can then compare your results to men around the world to see how you measure up? So, even if you’re not conventionally big in America, you could still be huge in South and North Korea, the two countries tied for smallest on average.

[Special thanks to Jenna B. for the link!]

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Siri is … NOT the father!

"Your peak fertility date is ... January ... 12 ... 1994. Would you like me to call an animal adoption center?"
“Your peak fertility date is … January … 12 … 1994. Would you like me to call an animal adoption center?”

Hello, SeriouslyLadies! How are those resolutions coming? You know: losing some pounds, quitting smoking, dressing more like Rizzo to finally land Danny or maybe even — dare we say — having a baby?

If you’re not pregnant, yet, don’t worry. There’s an app for that. (SeriouslyGuys: bringing back 2008’s punchlines for 2013!)

Ovuline isn’t your grandma’s ovulation calendar app. It also asks you deeply personal questions about your mood, weight, calorie intake, blood pressure and cervical mucous. We’re not sure how your phone takes these measurements, but we’re positive that you won’t have to worry about your man spying on your phone while you go take a dump. Er, freshen up.

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Will you be enemies with us?

Friends are great and all, but if Facebook is useful for anything, it’s for keeping tabs on exes and enemies. To date, the social networking site has not been eager to support that effort, refusing to issue dislike buttons and increasing privacy settings to foil our reconnaissance.

One app developer, however, is trying to change that. Dean Terry of the University of Texas at Dallas has created EnemyGraph, an app that allows users to mutually declare each other enemies and presumably update you when new pictures indicate they’ve gained weight. You’ll have to hurry, though, because Terry believes Facebook will pull the app in a matter of weeks.

So, in the meantime, will you be our enemy? For all of our crimefighting and adventuring, The Guys are seriously lacking in the nemeses department.

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Guess what the ringtone is

Dummmm-dum. Dummmm-dum.

And now, the greatest tracker of the sea is the Apple-equipped human. Michael Domeier, host of “Shark Men,” has created an app for the iPhone and iPad that can track tagged great white sharks in real time. And baby, there are a lot of tagged great white sharks.

Well, not really. Currently, there are only 20-22 sharks that have been tagged, but each one was personally tagged by Domeier, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. Safety can now be bought for less than 4 dollars. Even better, the ability to destroy one of our greatest enemies can be had for less than 4 dollars.

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Maaaaaybe there shouldn’t be an app for that

Apple’s been under a lot of fire recently. First, they get sued by one company; then, they decide to sue another company. It’s just not roses in Cupertino at the moment. It’s okay though, as they’ve got something to solve, at the very least, your problems as theirs are a bit more difficult.

Are you gay? Do you have an iPhone? Do you not want to be gay anymore?

Then friend, Apple’s got the app for you! Now, mind you, the creators of the app are completely within their rights to make it. On the other hand, nnnnnnnnnnnh.

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Take it from Snee: The ‘i’ is for ‘indecency’

Second hottest. (Yes, I'm aware that she's dead.)(Updated 26 June 2009 below!)

There was a brief dust-up in the iPhone world today. I’d mention that it affected the iPod Touch, but have only seen these mythological non-3G beasts in Apple Stores. Apple finally approved the development and sale of adult-oriented apps in the iTunes store.

The first app to get greenlit is “Hottest Girls,” which apparently shows you naked women of the “hottest” variety. I haven’t downloaded it, yet, but my definition of “hottest” is pregnant transsexual quadruple amputees sitting in dietary breakfast shakes, so we’ll see if there’s a lawsuit for false advertising in that developer’s future.

Unfortunately, I can’t test it out. Apple pulled the app after mere hours of approving it. Continue reading