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News bite: A high school student, frustrated, over a recent gaming session at an Internet café in South Korea set light to a warehouse Saturday evening.

The 15-year-old told police that he torched the warehouse, located at the top of a four-story building, because “his computer games did not go well.” The fire did an estimated four million won in damage.

Nice going, kid. It’s good that Korea isn’t letting a nasty stereotype stop them from being socially awkward.

Achievement Unlocked: Arson

Apparently a family in Michigan didn’t get the memo that the original Xbox runs fairly hot (like its big brother) and possesses a power cord that can cause fires. Subsequently, the eight-pound console has toasted their house and business.

The fire started on August 25 as a result of a son who forgot to turn off his console and decided that the best place for his notebook was right next to the Xbox’s ventilation ducts. Firefighters who investigated the scene think that the Xbox could have been on in the family’s basement for as long as four days before igniting the notebook.

The family wasn’t privy to the fact that Microsoft had recalled all of its previous power cords, and initially wanted to seek damages against the company. After checking out what a legal battle would cost, they’ve decided that just putting their lives together after this disaster is enough punishment. When asked by MLive if they would buy their son a new Xbox, the mother said, “I’m really not sure.” Classy, MLive. Classy.

At least now there are grounds to ask for an upgrade. Hope that one just red rings the console and not their residence.

Criminal Mastermind of the Week

A Michigan teen either has brass ones, or is incredibly stupid. Given this blog’s history of coverage of the human race, we’re going to say it’s the latter.

The spike in gas prices is hitting everyone hard. It hits some people so hard that they must resort to stealing gas from other cars. After two arson complaints in a week of houses just being built, detectives were on a stakeout in the neighborhood to catch the arsonist.

Then a allegedly kid walked up to the cruiser, unscrewed the gas cap and began siphoning gas out of the car. Obviously, the cop got out and chased after the kid. He was eventually caught and police said he admitted to the arsons.