I’ve seen worse beavers

Beavers aren’t exactly one of the better kinds of animal in the world. They’re bucktoothed (which means they’re obviously dumb), they’re slow and they dam up rivers for no dam reason … I mean, damn reason! We have no need for them at all. Worse yet, now they’re attacking people!

A beaver in Philadelphia’s Pennypack Park (and I don’t care) has been reported as not only attacking innocent people, but being rabid. Rabid! That means the poor citizens will have to spend time in the hospital because they’ve had a bad case of being inflicted with a potentially life-threatening disease. Not only that, but they’ll also have to be given a minimum of 13 shots to help counteract the virus, and that’s after getting out of the sick ward (living in the South means I’m not too many links separated from someone who’s possibly had an encounter with rabies).

A brave park ranger managed to slay the monster, but people are being advised to avoid the park if possible because you never know. This is easily a situation that the SyFy eagerly wants to get their fingers in.