There’s one born every minute between 1950 and 1959

Anti-aging products are a booming industry–as in baby boomers are buying them all up. (If you regret the 10 seconds of your life lost reading that last sentence, too bad. No refunds.) Although none are proven to work as advertised, the cosmetic surgery, hormone replacement, skin care and fitness industries are predicted to “increase from $80 billion now to more than $114 billion by 2015.”

However, not every boomer is falling for “look young quick” schemes. The pinnacle of boomer presidents, Bill Clinton, has become a vegan, proving there’s nothing he won’t do to feel younger, liberal breasts.

The McBournie Minute: Socialism is all around us

In the U.S., we often pride ourselves on living free. We can kind of get dramatic about it sometimes (“Give me liberty or give me death.”), but overall we consider ourselves the greatest country in the world. But little by little, we have seen our country become infused with some very un-free and un-capitalistic points of view. We have been the creeping of socialism. We’ve been hearing a lot about it lately, and our president-elect is about to roll-out his plan for the socialist state.

This is simply not acceptable. We need to take a harder look at what our government is doing and how it is slowly slipping away from its purpose. Luckily, my watchful eye has found some examples. Continue reading The McBournie Minute: Socialism is all around us

That over-50 fringe voting group

We’ve heard about every small swing-voting group this election:

  • The youth vote
  • Real Americans
  • Women
  • Closeted white supremicists
  • Terrorists (Who knew suicide bombers want health care?)

There’s one tiny group, though, that has been swept under the carpet, ignored for all intents and purposes … until today.

Yes, now the pundits are focused on what’s good for retired Americans, that plucky little band of people over 50, now including some 76 million baby boomers, who decide every election.

If you thought it was the NASCAR dads or the plumbers that counted the most this election, then the news managed to jerk you off this whole time. It was your grandpa that keeps sending you emails about secret Muslims who mattered. Don’t you feel silly for spam blocking him now?

Fortunately, there’s something you can do: support Proposition 268 or, as we’ve nicknamed it, Logan’s Amendment. Logan’s Amendment will send all of the elderly to a fabulous Carousel for the rest of their natural lives, where they will live in bliss until God calls them home.

Sound harsh? OK, well it’s that our you start calling in some birthday favors.