It’s getting so you can’t fly with a sex doll anymore

Here’s a tip to anyone planning a bachelor party: don’t start the party until you arrive at the destination.

This week, a drunk guy with a sex doll caused a Belfast-bound plane to be diverted to France. According to reports, the bachelor party was already pretty loaded when they boarded the plane, and it didn’t get any better. The group was pretty rowdy and verbally abusive. When one of the group’s members was denied a drink, he got worse. It probably also didn’t help that he had a sex doll sitting with him.

The man was arrested when the plane landed in France.

The McBournie Minute: Paintball kicked my butt

There I was, hunched down behind some logs, looking up every now and then and pointing my weapon, searching for the enemy. I have seen the face of war, and I can safely conclude one thing for certain: I am really not good in combat situations.

If the welts up and down my body prove anything, it’s that when it comes to playing paintball, I have a lot of practicing to do. Over the weekend, as part of my friend Paul’s bachelor party, we menfolk did what menfolk have been doing since time began, the oldest of bachelor party rights: playing three on three paintball with only face masks as protection. Continue reading The McBournie Minute: Paintball kicked my butt

Pixelation can’t prevent

It looks like the FCC‘s back at it again. The government group is fining Fox TV affiliates $7,000 for showing a naked bachelor party scene on some ridiculous reality show that nobody watched … but they’re only fining stations that somebody complained to. That’s 13 out of 169 in the network, which my calculator function tells me comes out to a grandiose number of one whole percent. More than that, the offensive material was fully pixelated, but still allegedly has the power to offend. Apparently, it’s OK to broadcast whatever you like as long as you never open your mail.