All fun and games until counter-terrorism forces arrive

If there’s one night in everyone’s life that can quickly inflate to accusations of terrorism, it’s their 21st birthday party. (Unless you’re one of those free-wheeling, anything-goes, God-Save-the-Queen countries that allows drinking at 18.)

So, it probably wasn’t too surprising when Swedish police raided an apartment hosting a 21st birthday party that may or may not (spoiler: it did not) contain members of the Islamic State. They based their intelligence on balloons in the window that, from inside, look like this …

One, 21 balloons, lay down your arms, give up jihad!
One, 21 balloons, lay down your arms, give up jihad!

… but, from the street, looked like a call to join the “IS.”

There’s only one problem with this logic: any terrorism cell that uses balloons to combat western decadence and promote a new, violent caliphate is probably not much of a threat. Or the most adorable one, yet.

The McBournie Minute: Searching for France, finding Newfoundland

There is something that exists in the hearts of all men that dares us to try to do something new. This feeling is why we built the pyramids, why we “discovered” new continents, why we went to the moon. Common knowledge said that it couldn’t be done, and someone finally got the courage to prove common knowledge wrong.

It may end up being the thing that saves or kills mankind, but either way, it will define us. Our thirst for knowledge and new discoveries will continue to drive us as a species. That is why it’s unfortunate that we tend to misuse that feeling. When someone tells us, “You’re a damn fool to try that,” we think we’re just smart enough to try it.

At some point, someone told Jonathan Trappe of North Carolina that he couldn’t travel by balloon solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Continue reading The McBournie Minute: Searching for France, finding Newfoundland

Family of the Week nominee

Let’s keep the theme of strange world records going. Ladies, we know you are a non-existent crucial part of SG’s readership, so allow us to introduce to you a stud, that is if you are into teenagers.

Meet Andrew Dahl, 13, of Washington state. He likes long walks on the beach, watching the sunset and the scent of a fresh balloon. We assume that last part is true, anyway, because Dahl inflated a possible world record 213 balloons with his nose. His father measured the balloons while his mother counted them.

Sorry, we do not have Dahl’s contact information, ladies. Just follow your nose.