Take it from Snee: Best Actor*

Eddie Redmayne, Best Actor* (Pre-integrated Academy Awards)
Eddie Redmayne, Best Actor* (Pre-integrated Academy Awards)

The Baseball Hall of Fame is, like a 1960s bus, divided in half. There is one committee for determining who gets inducted from prior to integration, and another committee for selecting inductees from post-integrated Major League Baseball.

This is justified because we have no idea how well white baseball players would have done and which teams would have won had black ball players not been banned from major league play. The Negro League had a number of stars that would have changed the entire competitive layout and style of play in MLB. For all we know, a team with Satchel Paige pitching would have destroyed the Yankees batting line-up of Mantle, DiMaggio and Gehrig.

And now that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has failed to nominate any actors of color for two years in a row, we should consider putting an asterisk next to last year’s and this year’s winners.  Continue reading Take it from Snee: Best Actor*

Who says Hollywood’s dishonest?

You may have noticed that there were Academy Awards this weekend. Hopefully you weren’t too disappointed by the results.

(Sorry, Clooney fans. He can’t win for the same role every year.)

(Oh, and to people who just discovered science fiction through Avatar and can’t believe it only won special effects awards: get used to it.)

But, now that we’re in the aftermath, we can reflect on Hollywood’s choices.  And when Sandra Bullock says she “didn’t aspire” to win the Oscar for Best Actress–or ever win an Oscar at all–we mean it from the bottom of our hearts when we say, “Yeah, we could tell.”