More Jailonia than Stankonia

Devastating news has been revealed, friends. Devastating!

Big Boi of Outkast has been arrested! Now, here are the points to keep in mind:

1. He was arrested for illegal possession of drugs. That’s fairly gangster.
2. Said drug being illegally possessed was Viagra. Not so gangster.

Mind you, he was also charged with illegal possession of Ecstasy, so there’s that. I mean, in today’s culture, while not as street as crack, it shows a desire to diversify, and that’s smart.

But that’s not where the devastating news comes from. No, the devastating news is that clearly Big Boi has problems keeping his Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik up,as evidenced by him having possession of Viagra. Because that’s obviously the only reason for why he has it. Well, that or he pulmonary arterial hypertension. Which, in this case, might actually be more gangster.

Rapper Big Boi addicted to shoes, accessories

It's extra not-Samantha because his ensemble is sports-related.Outkast rapper, Big Boi, is addicted to fashion — in the form of sneakers — and he’s not afraid who knows it! The grown man owns over 400 pairs. He must have some huge walk-in closets!

Mr. Boi and other “sneakerheads” collect rare special edition sneakers, focusing on rare, expensive limited editions, often made of high fashion materials like alligator skin or designed by artists.

Now, before you jump to any comparisons to the Sex in the City gals, let us remind you that these men are collecting sneakers and there’s nothing feminine about that. Nothing at all.