Inspiration by Mark Roberts

In an absolutely diabolical marketing move, a German brothel has come up with an interesting advertising plan: men who get the brothel’s name tattooed on their arm will get free entry into the establishment for the rest of their life (as well as discounts on certain services, like lap dances).

So yes, loyal readers of SG, send us your ideas for comparable services–we’re waiting.

Death of a Sales Pimp

Taiwan sheds many, many tears today as the country sees the closure of its last legal brothel. Of course, it could be said that The Guys suppose that  87-year old pimp probably earned his retirement–even if he’s spending it in the grave. Meanwhile, if anyone has openings for its other two employees, we’d sure they like to know. It’s hard for middle-aged sex workers to find decent work these days. Heck, in this economy, it’s hard for anyone to get a job.

Good idea, bad idea-business edition

Good idea-operating a mobile brothel out of a rented limousine bus is a pretty brilliant idea. Your cash flow is always coming in and you’re almost always readily available to your clients and their needs. On the go marketing means that you’re seen in multiple areas, thus having heavy advertising for a fairly low cost

Bad idea-Parking the bus a block from the Miami Beach Police Department? Not quite as brilliant.