You can’t escape Jersey

New Jersey is not a place many people who are not Bruce Springsteen want to live. Aside from being a bit on the dumpy side, there is the ever-present threat of bulls running wild through the streets. At least in Spain they tell you when it’s going to happen.

A 1,400-pound bull (roughly 2,800 Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese) escaped from a slaughterhouse in northern New Jersey and dragged police officers who tried to lasso the beast during its 10-block spree. Not only that, but the bull ran at least one light.

Luckily, no one was injured. The bull was sedated and brought back to the slaughterhouse where it faces the death penalty.

Warrior of the Week

As most Spanish people and rodeo clowns can tell you, bulls are not the friendliest of creatures. In fact, they can be downright ornery. A 75-year-old Tennessee man found this out when he was feeding a bull on his son’s farm and it attacked him (the bull, not the farm).

As the bull was set to trample the man to death, his 13-year-old grandson, who happened to be driving a truck on the farm at the time, saw what was happening and attacked the bull with the truck, saving his grandfather. Sadly, it sounds like the bull was not killed in the accident, and therefore will not be coming to a McDonald’s near you.