Burger-flipping robot pulled in rare win for humans

The robots are coming for us, but first they are coming for our jobs. But today, cooks can hold their heads high, as Flippy the robot had been taken off the line.

Flippy, a robot developed to grill and flip burgers, is out of service, not because of something it failed to do, but because it’s too efficient. The robot can cook 2,000 burgers a day. The only problem is that Flippy’s human coworkers aren’t able to assemble the burgers that fast.

The company that makes Flippy said human workers need to be better trained, or you know, replaced by other robots.

We know you ate unhealthy food last night

You’re in Dubai, but you want to stay slim, after all, you are planning on going to the beach, and you want to look good in your banana hammock. But, you also need to eat, it happens.

Why not try something fast, filling and fat free? We present to you, the camel burger. Because you know you’ve looked at a camel before and thought, “Hmmm, I wonder what that thing tastes like, especially on a bun with some cheese on it.” Now you can find out.