Keep your friends list close, your blocked list even closer

Have you ever wondered what a “social media guru” or “expert” does? As far as we can tell, they follow random people on Twitter and post links to buzzspeak essays by other (presumably) unemployed “SEO managers.”

Or … they could be The Fuzz!

Police, FBI, Secret Service and even the IRS are infiltrating the MySpace, Facebook and–in extreme cases–the Friendster to find the goods on you. To bypass your security settings, they’re setting up undercover identities, asking to become part of your online menagerie of familiar screen names.

Once they’re in, you’ll probably forget all about them, like that guy you met that one time at that place with the shots served in test tubes. (Quickest abortion turnaround time, yet!) And then they watch for any pictures of illegal activity or status changes that conflict with your alibis.

So, next time you get a friend request, ask them, “Are you a cop?” If they say no, then they’re probably lying because they’re undercover, so you should destroy your computer.

Winning combinations and you

MasterChugs Theater will be back next week while Chugs bring you a special SG exclusive expose.

In the Book of Revelations,it’s mentioned that the first beast will rise from the sea, having seven heads and ten horns. For years, centuries even, many thought that this beast represented Imperial Rome. I now feel that it’s safe to say that they were wrong in their identifications. The beast does not have seven heads and ten horns, but twelve points. Not only that, the beast is not Imperial Rome, as speculated, but a concept: inclusion.

The beast is here, and corporate America would like it to swallow your soul. Continue reading Winning combinations and you