Osama Bin Laden: Unfunnier than Dane Cook

Note: Today’s Osama Bin Laden coverage is brought to you by a guest SeriouslyGuy, Jay Leno’s monologue writer.

So Bin Laden released a new audio tape.  (Did you hear about this?)

In the tape, he tries out some new material about the Catholic Church and the Pope.  Yeah, that’s what we thought: too easy … just like the priests! We mean, who doesn’t have a thing for the Pope?  Certainly not his alter boys. Ba-zing!

(Oh, c’mon.  You laughed at the Spitzer-not-swallowtzer jokes.)

The sad part is that OsBiLa (that’s his nickname from entertainment reporters) didn’t go for the easy jokes.  Instead, he went after the Danish Mohammad cartoons from 2005! We mean, sure, it’s a rant, but since when did Dennis Miller wear a turban?

(We’re just kidding, folks.  Dennis is good people, like Peter the Great at a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit.)

We’ve got a great Web site for you today!  Steely Dan is here!

Can’t think of a headline that would not sound a little racist

We all know Japan is quirky. Heck, one might even go so far as to call it “weird.” This blog has no idea what could have caused this, but it could be the radiation from the atomic bombs we dropped.

They love technology, they love cheap animation that all looks the same and they helped us not feel creepy about finding the school girl outfit rather hot. But even a country like that can go overboard. Recently, Japan named a cartoon character to an ambassador position.

Folks, this officially makes Japan the Britney Spears of nations. We need to make it get help.