Take it from Snee: Hollywood’s shameless legacy

You know, considering the events of last year, I really thought we had turned a new page in America, that hate was to become a thing of the past.

But now there are not one, but two movies in theaters about the indiscriminate killing of Nazis. There’s Valkyrie, of course, and now there’s Defiance. This winter, it is a veritable holocaust of German fascists on the silver screen.

I wish I could say I expect more out of Hollywood, but I can’t. We have a long, inexcusable past when it comes to bigoted depictions of Nazis in our film history, starting with Casablanca to The Incredible Mr. Limpet to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Continue reading Take it from Snee: Hollywood’s shameless legacy

MasterSnee Theater: Why ‘Casablanca?’

Chugs is busy moving into his new swingin’ pad, so Rick is filling in for this week’s “MasterChugs Theater.”

What is it with movie reviewers and Casablanca? Anytime they review a movie that concerns war, love, smoking, corrupt police or film, this move gets brought up. In fact, I’d wager Chug’s left testicle that Casablanca is brought up more often than The Godfather and Citizen Kane in regards to American classics.

So, while Chugs gets cleaned up for extraction, I’m going to explore that 60-year-old question: of all the movies in all the genres in all the world, why did she pick Casablanca? Continue reading MasterSnee Theater: Why ‘Casablanca?’

How To: Be well-travelled

In this day and age, book knowledge isn’t enough to win an argument. To be a successful pundit, you must have firsthand knowledge of your subject. Since nothing ever happens in your hometown, the first step to universal credibility is to build a “seen it all, been everywhere” appearance.

Unfortunately, travel costs time and money: taking time off from work, learning a language, buying and packing climate- and culturally-appropriate clothing and recovering from exotic microbial infections. But don’t you fret now, sugar dumplin’; The Guys got your back. We’ve put together a bunch of shortcuts so that you can learn how to be well-travelled.

Continue reading How To: Be well-travelled