Eat My Sports: Early season report

For those of you who don’t follow baseball from early February through October, you wouldn’t know that the season is almost one-third of the way over with. It’s been a weird one, with the Pirates and Marlins contending early, the Rays already fading out of contention, and Roger Clemens not hitting on any underage country stars, yet. But if you have been living a sheltered life and have not been paying attention to baseball, here have been the top five stories of the early season.

5. The rise, fall and rise of the Yankees
No one can figure the pattern of this team out, period. One night they’re hammering a team for 14 runs, the next night C.C. Sabathia is serving up fastballs like his butler feeds him steaks with a donut glaze. The return of A-Rod has brought back some sense of normalcy, but the inconsistent pitching could pose a problem down the stretch for the Yanks. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Early season report

Eat My Sports: Now, more than ever

If any of you out there had grown soft over the New York Yankees because they didn’t make the playoffs this past year, or because Darth Vader Al Davis George Steinbrenner had finally stepped down from the day-to-day operations of the team, then the past few weeks should have been a swift reminder as to why you should hate the New York Yankees.

Most people think I’m just a bitter Red Sox fan moaning over the fact that my boys weren’t able to land prized free agent Mark Teixeira. They could not be further from the truth. I never understood why Theo Epstein wanted Tex to begin with. We were already loaded with an All-Star infield, and were in no need of a first baseman, especially with Kevin Youkilis emerging as one of the game’s premier players. There was no room or need for Teixeira, or another $180 million on the books. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Now, more than ever

Eat My Sports: You can’t spell ‘trade bust’ without CC Sabathia

Have any of you ever watched LOST? If you have, you know that each season has it’s bust episode. The one where the previous week had a preview that looked so good that you actually thought you had a reason to believe SOMETHING might be explained. Or, at least have the juiciest episode of the season (i.e. the possibility of Claire and Kate making out). Then, you watch the episode, and nothing. No island explanation, no Claire and Kate making out, no awkward man hugs between Sawyer and Jack, nothing. Why? because there was no substance to it and everything you thought was going to be going into the episode ended up being nothing more than commercial filler. Welcome to the CC “Music Factory” Sabathia trade to the Milwaukee Brewers! Continue reading Eat My Sports: You can’t spell ‘trade bust’ without CC Sabathia