Big booze battle baffles beer businesses

You know, with all that Barack Obama has been taking on, including deciding what beer to have this year, you’d think he’d at least take an interest in booze related subjects in his home state. But no, apparently health care reform is way more important than a Chicago suburb trying to ban sales of airplane bottles of liquor and big cans of beer.

And if the people of Chicago can’t drink, how will they ever be able to stomach watching the Cubs?

Eat My Sports: Time to eat my medicine

So we’re officially past the halfway mark of the MLB season, to those of you who pay attention, it’s been a blur hasn’t it? We started this whole shebang back in April, and back then I also made some pretty big predictions, so let’s take a look at how much I actually know by grading my predictions from the Spring.

NL East
Predicted Winner: Atlanta Braves
Current Leader: Philadelphia Phillies
OK, so right now the above .500 Braves are six and a half games back of Philadelphia. This may sound weird, but out of all the teams in the putrid NL East, the Braves have played the most consistent ball. Philly can’t figure out how to win in Philly and the Mets are … the Mets, can’t change who you are, kid. I’m sticking with Atlanta winning this because of consistency.
Grade: B Continue reading Eat My Sports: Time to eat my medicine

He shoots, he scores

Some men have real prestigious claims to fame, like being President of the United States, anyone who can find a succesful way to date Megan Fox and a stripper, or being Tom Brady. However in this case in South Australia, one man has impregnated 30 LESBIANS. Is there some sort of medal for this?

Greater odds than impregnating 30 lesbians:
Clay AIken actually being gay
Brazilian military assisting the animals in the war
-Cubs win World Series

Eat My Sports: Some serious predictions

The end of the baseball regular season is here, and all most of us can think is, “Finally!” I love baseball season, but this year’s gauntlet dragged me from late March to late September, so this year felt particularly long. It felt much longer because the Red Sox never really hit a stretch where they played exceptionally well for an extended period of time, they were just consistent. Next thing I know, I look at the standings and we were a 95-win Wild Card team. To put that in perspective, 95 wins equals winning your division, all your playoff games and going undefeated the following Spring Training for the NL West. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Some serious predictions