Customs agents find cobras in chip cans

Next they’ll send a cushion filled with actual farts.

It’s an old gag, and as classic as the whoopee cushion: one person hands a friend a can of nuts of chips, and when the friend opens it, a spring-loaded snake jumps out. Most of us would just brush it off as lame, someone in China thought, “What if?”

In California, a man has been arrested on smuggling charges after customs officials found three deadly king cobras packed into potato chip cans that were being shipped to his address from Hong Kong. Authorities allege that the man had been illegally importing endangered reptiles for months.

The Chinese are known to take practical jokes a little too seriously.

Alert! Chickens on the loose!

You may have heard yesterday that some animals were on the loose.

My friends, animals on the loose isn’t limited to just one area of the country.

A truck driver began falling asleep while traveling down the highway. Little did he know that his oncoming dreams would signal horror. His truck then made its way into another, jackknifing and losing its load like the truck was called Peter N. No, that’s too obvious. Perhaps P. North? Yes, that’ll work. Anyways, after crashing, the load was lost … and then on the loose.

Yes, the trucker was carrying live materials, this time in the form of chickens. Hundreds of chickens were set free, blocking traffic for miles on end. As you can see from the picture in the link, these chickens weren’t tiny spring hens. The worst part though is that nowhere in the link is it mentioned that all of these monster chickens were caught. Be safe and cautious, people of California. Shoot to kill and fry to eat.