Tokyo soccer fans all flush during halftime

The World Cup is going strong, and in Tokyo, soccer fans decided to go strongly, and all at the same time, during a recent match.

The city’s plumbing system was put to the test at halftime as Japan played Colombia. Fans across the city collectively decided to hold it for the better part of an hour, then they all unleashed the fury after the first half. The mass migration to the bathroom caused Tokyo’s water usage to rise 24%, and then after the game, it rose 50%.

As we understand it, there are several more games to be played, so the city will be put to the test several more times in the days ahead. Let’s hope everyone has a safe go of it.

Timeline of a robber

We don’t necessarily advocate or encourage people to go about robbing people and places, but if you are going to do so, maybe you can think things through and be smart about it?

Things like not showing your ID to a camera, avoiding conversation, logging out from Facebook, these are all acts that require the simplest of actions that can save you jail time. Especially if, say, you were logged into Facebook at a Colombian internet cafe, then proceeded to rob said internet cafe.

We’re not asking you to commit crimes, we’re just asking you to be Bond villains rather than the henchmen.

V-Day is coming, have you bought your drug-laden gift yet?

This Valentine’s Day, give her the gift she’ll really enjoy–the gift 20 lbs of cocaine.

Clearly, that is what someone had in mind in Amsterdam. Among a shipment of 20,000 roses from Colombia, airport authorities found something a little extra. It was shipped in the same cellophane packets that the roses had been shipped in.

We know they jack up the price on roses this time of year, but this could be an indicator as to why.