Welcome to the lost episode of Miami Vice

Last year, we reported about the living representation of Frank Abignale Jr., a teenager named Colton Harris-Moore. At the time, the story ended essentially on a cliffhanger, as it was alleged that Harris-Moore swiped a Cessna and took off, but the plane was then found damaged.

Well guess what-it must be time for the new television season to start because we’ve got a conclusion to the season finale! The Barefoot Bandit, as Harris-Moore is apparently being known as, has been captured after a high-speed boat chase in the Bahamas, which sounds totally awesome.

Nonetheless, the kid (when you’re 19, you’re a kid in my eyes) will be on his way to jail, potentially facing a lot of jail time. Or, he’ll be recruited by our government to help prevent similar crimes that he committed. Potentially.

Catch Me If You Canada

Frank Abignale Jr. is back!

And he’s not even old enough to drink yet. Which, honestly, is still par for the course.

Colton Harris-Moore, a young man just old enough to legally smoke, is suspected of stealing a Cessna 182, flying the plane and then crashing the plane. For someone not enlisted in the Air Force to do that, that’s fairly impressive.

It’s not all bad thoughts, though. Pam Kohler, mother of Colton, has provided us with two hilariously awesome quotes:

“I just wish he would wear a parachute,” Pam Kohler said.


“Now every plane that gets stolen is going to be blamed on him,” she said.

Safety and stereotyping. Those are two bastions of every mother’s handbook for caring.