And cue the Downfall parody in 3, 2, 1 …

Scientists have discovered that the real owner of the famed Fuhrer’s skull is actually female, making everyone ask:

Wait for it.

Keep waiting.

DUM DUM DUMMMMMMMM! What really happened to Hitler?

DNA analysis on the skull fragment thought to belong to one Adolf Hitler performed at the University of Connecticut has proven that it came from a female aged anywhere between 20 and 40 years of age, despite being found in what was believed to be Hitler’s grave.

What was previously believed to be Hitler’s corpse was cremated by the KGB in 1970, meaning that there’s no real way of verifying whether this skull fragment was simply misidentified or whether the corpse, in fact, didn’t belong to Hitler in the first place. But with the skull fragmented and thus discredited, let the conspiracy theorists run wild!

Conspiracy theory number 1: Hitler was actually Girl Hitler.

How To: Develop a conspiracy theory

Did you know that there was/maybe still is a fully-functional Michael Jordan robot? Of course you didn’t, because The Man® doesn’t want you to know The TruthTM!

(Don’t believe them when They say you can’t handle it.)

We can all enjoy a good conspiracy theory like the one I just mentioned, but how do you create and hone your own? And what do you do about all those naysayers and CIA agents that try to discredit you?

To answer these questions and more, keep reading to find out how to develop a conspiracy theory. Continue reading How To: Develop a conspiracy theory