They belong in a museum!

The ghost of Indiana Jones can rest a little easier: artwork that the Nazis supposedly destroyed for deviancy have been found. They attempted to get rid of it by storing it in a building and then burning the whole building down, with or without the assistance of allied bombs.

The sculptures survived down in the basement after the fire and were unearthed by recent construction work. Unfortunately, any works that were made of canvas or wood probably didn’t survive. But, the statues are mostly nudes, so we’ve got that going for us.

Will they hit tailgaters next?

The terrorists are hitting San Francisco and they’re doing it one porta-potty at a time. Since November, more than 20 of the temporary toilets have gone up in flames. What kind of a criminal genius would do such a thing?

The fires have happened at construction sites near Lombard Street, which you probably know as that street swerves so much that only drunk people can navigate it properly. Contractors are hopping mad about it, and not just because they have to find somewhere else to go, because it smells really really bad and has caused $50,000 in damage.

But the construction workers are fighting back. Apparently they are camouflaging their cans so the pyromaniac or pyromaniacs cannot find them–like a toilet cake scented Easter egg hunt.

Brain-eaters have officially hit Austin

You see it in movies, you hear about it here at SG, but it looks like the zombie infestation has hit the U.S., not surprisingly, the scourge has hit Austin, Texas first.

The good news in this madness is that the city government had a plan and launched into action to warn commuters. Construction signs, the ones that usually have construction or traffic information scrolling on them, warned drivers of zombies ahead and advised leaving the area.

In a cover-up most likely perpetrated by the federal government, officials are playing it off as a hoax. They claim the signs were hacked and there was never any zombie threat. Yeah right, we’ll see who’s right right when we’re reloading our shotguns in defense against the zombie mobs.

Nothing says constructive criticism like a complaint

Were just saying, is all.Construction workers are an odd bunch. Seemingly enough, their region may possibly dictate their behavior. In the past, we’ve reported about those unscrupulous rapscallions, the construction workers of New Zealand, and their odd courtship rituals involving hooting. Approximately a gazillion miles away, we have another example: the gallant and thoughtful construction workers of Portland, Oregon.


Yes, true believer, you read right. The Guys never thought that we’d live to see the day that a group of construction workers would actively oppose the sight of exposed female flesh, but hey, I suppose there’s a first time for everything.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, there’s a construction site happening right across the road from where I work. And, I take my breaks down in the cafeteria at 8:30 am and 11:30 am, right beside the 10 foot high windows. You know, just in case any nude roller-bladers might be interested in enjoying the outdoors and whatnot.

They want to slow our progress

All seems to be fairly quiet right now in the War on Animals. This may be caused by the cold weather, sending our foes into a dormant state, or in some cases, hibernation.

However, in the warmer climates it doesn’t appear to be cold enough for the enemy to stop the fight altogether. In Florida, 20,000 bats have made the underside of twin bridges their home. They are delaying the construction on Interstate 95. While this is probably a passive attempt at slowing down our progress, this does mark a possible change in strategy. They are now going after our infrastructure, we have seen some examples of this in the recent past.