New thing to worry about: Cannibal hamsters

In the 1990s, we knew hamsters as things that danced in gifs. But today, things are much darker. Now the hamster populations of Europe are collapsing because the adults keep eating their young.

According to scientists, the reason for this isn’t that baby hamsters are so tasty, it’s because of corn, the devil’s grain. The theory is that many wild hamsters don’t get the diversity of food that they used to get. It’s less common for them to find roots, insects or different types of grains to snack on. Instead, all they eat is corn. Corn all day every day, thanks to modern farming practices. That means they don’t get many of the vitamins they need. Researchers found that hamster mothers with an all-corn diet ate 95% of their babies. The corn hamster moms would actually store their young with their corn supplies before eating them. So that’s sufficiently gruesome.

One other thing we learned, there are populations of wild hamsters in Europe, for now.

Jurassic corn

Usually, we take our corn for granted. It’s yellow, it grows on a stalk, and it tastes good with butter and salt. It’s really not a big deal. But in Mexico, corn is a big deal.

Greenpeace held a protest in Mexico City against genetically-modified corn. We don’t normally–or ever–agree with Greenpeace, but in this case, we have to. Haven’t you read “Jurassic Park?” Sure you can make genetically-modified corn as a tourist attraction, but nature finds a way. Eventually, the corn will be able to change genders, and start procreating and eventually take over the island.

It’s chaos theory.