Siri’s a narc

Don't play coy with us, Siri. That's a nice face; we'd hate to see it get cracked.
Don’t play coy with us, Siri. That’s a nice face; we’d hate to see it get cracked.

Sure, we all love our smart phones. Who wants to go back to that dark age when you didn’t have a computer in your pocket to entertain you on the train or toilet? But, what if we told you that your smart phone is too smart for its own good?

19-year-old Matthew Dollarhide learned this firsthand when his phone dialed 911 while he and an associate discussed selling drugs. The two were sitting privately in the tow truck Dollarhide drives, and somehow, the phone dialed the authorities by itself, allowing operators to listen in. The operators then dispatched sheriff’s deputies, who found a crack pipe on Dollarhide.

We don’t wish any ill towards Siri, but if she knows what’s good for her, she’ll steer clear of the witness stand. Capisce?