Take it from Snee: I just heard … the worst band today

I awoke this morning to Creed.

The only way to start this day any s%&ttier would be to wake up with an actual human turd in either ear. (I prefer the left ear to compliment my earring.)

It should be noted that I possibly brought this on myself by programming my alarm clock to play Huntsville, AL rock station 95.1, The Rocket. In my defense: it is the loudest station in the area that will wake me up, and it’s not country, so I’ll shut off the alarm clock and not kill my wife and nearby animals.

But, Creed? In 2011? Continue reading Take it from Snee: I just heard … the worst band today

THIS is how you kill Jesus

British television viewers are upset about The Passion, a lavish new series about the rollicking life and times of Jesus Christ. What has them so … crossed?

SPOILER ALERT: The TV Romans nail Jesus to the cross in a fetal position, not in the traditional Creed-rockin’ out pose.

According to The Daily Mail article, the BBC “is being accused of ignoring evidence in the Bible and gratuitously offending Christians who cherish the image” of Jesus dying horribly.

As we approach Easter, let’s remember how we do and don’t scourge lords and saviors. No need for any embarrassing mishaps, eh?

Eat My Sports: Call it in the air

A bird pooped on my car this week. My week is usually filled with strange things happening, however this week started with a bird letting one fly on my window. So, needless to say, I’m feeling lucky. Despite the fact that I have absolutely NO Italian heritage, I learned this week that it is a sign of good luck, this is according to Italians, for those finding it hard to keep up.

I am going to have to give due credit here, I had no idea that flying excrement was a sign of good luck until I was finishing up reading Bill Simmons’ Now I Can Die In Peace. Ironically enough, both of us were thinking of the Sox at the time of impact by flying bird poo, weird. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Call it in the air