Wave the bloody sock

In case you hadn’t heard, Sen. Ted Kennedy died last week. Unlike Chicago, the U.S. Senate does not let dead people vote, so the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is in a wicked pickle. They need to replace Kennedy and they need to do it as soon as state law allows them (five months) so that they can really be represented.

And just like when Superman was died, all of a sudden a bunch of impostors have come crawling out of the woodwork. The list is long, but the most recent name added is that of former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling.

In a radio interview, Schilling said the Republican party had contacted him about running for the vacant seat, but the limping millionaire was tight lipped as to whether he was thinking about it.

“Asked whether he would run, Schilling said, ‘As of today, probably not.'”

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Curt Schilling will seek the vacant seat in the Senate!

How To: Retire from professional sports

Some sports stars are not really sure on when they should call it quits. Some retire and come back, while others do it so gracefully no one even knows they left the game (at least that’s what they tell themselves, it’s really that no one cares if they leave).

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Eat My Sports: Can it

On Monday, Boston Red Sox pitcher and resident blogger Curt Schilling went through possible career ending surgery on his shoulder. So, naturally the ensuing questions and articles over the past week have been about Schilling’s Hall of Fame credentials. This led to the ensuing thought of mine: what are HOF credentials? Are they like press credentials? Because I got a laminate once and was told that they were my “credentials.” So Curt, if all you get from the HOF is a laminated piece of paper, tell them where they can put it. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Can it