Get ready for the Hall of Evil Presidents

If you conspiracy theorists out there are looking for proof that Disney has stumbled onto a transdimensional portal to an evil, parallel universe and plans to secretly exploit this at their theme parks, then we suppose this works: Disney park workers can now grow beards and goatees.

Two more years, perverts

In creepy calendar news MIley Cyrus celebrated her 16th birthday at Disneyland while the park was shut down. The Hannah Montana (not to be confused with Hannah North Dakota) had the park shut down so Cyrus and roughly 5,000 of her closest friends could celebrate the jail bait’s pop star’s sweet birthday … even though she doesn’t turn 16 until Nov. 23. Cyrus also had her father, Billy Ray, open up for her mini-concert, no word as to whether Goofy was in tears during “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Luckily for Cyrus her parents did not decide to through her birthday bash over at Disneyland’s sister park Disney’s California Adventure. You see, DCA, as we like to call it, was hosting it’s annual Gay Days Anaheim (PS, if your work frowns on visiting gay California sites that even offer specials for gay brunches, best wait until you get home to check this link). Keeping Hollywood and homosexuals in the news together for three weeks running.