Prestigious colleges have old rules

In a typical bleeding-heart, anti-gun fashion, this story doesn’t mention that you have to shoot somebody in order to graduate from Morehouse College.

If love’s in the air, then what’s on the desk?

Love may not be able to blossom on a battlefield, but it can certainly have its wild and crazy cousin, lust, make an appearance in a place of law. The district attorney of Bedford County, Pennsylvania says that just because he had sex with a woman he wasn’t married to in his public courthouse office doesn’t mean he committed a crime. And he ought to know–he is the district attorney, after all. Though, that’s not a divorce attorney, which is something he, and others, might want to look into getting. Just saying, is all.

Do not adjust your monitor

Today’s Picture of the Day comes from Saini Sunpura, India, where a baby was born with two faces.

Both faces are functional, the father saying that “she drinks milk from her two mouths and opens and shuts all the four eyes at one time.” She also shows no signs of respiratory problems.

All should be well in India, unless she grows up to become the District Attorney of a city plagued with supervillains who will burn one of her faces with acid. There’s no fate worse than being played by Tommy Lee Jones. (“Gosh, we won’t need as much fake burned skin with his already cratered face!”)

Of course, her parents will be disqualified from settling their disputes with a baby toss. She’s twice as likely to land on heads.

Image Source: “Baby with two faces worshipped as a goddess,” CNN. 9 April 2008.