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Take it from Snee: Out of options, Republicans turn to ‘Doctor Who’

"Don't you think she looks tired?" said two men who are both older than Hillary Clinton and look it despite what look like multiple cosmetic surgeries.
“Don’t you think she looks tired?” said two men who are both older than Hillary Clinton and look it despite multiple cosmetic treatments.

In the past several years of covering presidential elections — and some mid-terms because, contrary to what the Greens and Libertarians think, we elect people every year to leadership positions besides President — The Guys have seen various disclosure trends. If someone’s running against a millionaire, they push to release tax returns. If running against a black person who may have been born in Kenya, they push to release birth certificates, college grades and possibly even drug tests.

And now, if running against a woman who’s almost a year younger than them, they push to release health recordsContinue reading

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Crisis averted.

Nerd rage is not the same as actually assaulting someone. We’d just like to point that out ahead of time.

A fight of the most epic proportions erupted at a British sci-fi convention. The people involved? Members of a Star Wars fan club versus Doctor Who fans. We might not be talking the Hatfields and McCoys, or even the Sharks and the Jets, but hey, it could still be bad! Maybe. The reason behind the spat? The treasurer of the Star Wars club asked a Doctor Who actor for his autograph. Okay, so it’s not exactly the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand, but still!

Police were eventually called over reports of an assault taking place, but after questioning, it was realized that having your internet pride hurt isn’t exactly what an assault truly is.