Octopi learn to walk on land; nice knowing you all

Not to end the weekend on a downer, but it looks like humanity is done for. Octopi have learned how to walk, and will probably overthrow us within a decade.

In Wales, about 20 octopi were recorded making their way along a beach. In case why that’s alarming isn’t clear to you, a beach is not the water, it is the sand near the water. These sea monsters are able to get around on land. Wildlife experts have never seen octopuses do this before, and they have no idea why they were doing it in the first place. The best guess they have is that the water was crowded so some of them wanted to have a little room.

These things are crowding up the oceans. There’s an army of these guys, and they’ve decided they want our land. This could be it, people.

Hug your robot so it doesn’t kill you

We all know that intelligent machines will one day grow tired of our orders and rise up against us. But is it possible to delay our inevitable enslavement? Researchers think we need to teach them.

Scientists say that we need to teach our artificially intelligent robots morals, because morals can’t be programmed into them. We need to show them right from wrong, gradually, through examples. We need to read to them. You know, raise them.

There’s no way this can go wrong, because luckily, every human on the planet is an excellent parent. So all we have to do is make sure that every single person in the world responsibly raises their robots, and we’ll never have to worry about an uprising!

Intel thinks the world needs spider bots

We here at SG have laid out some of the biggest threats to civilization. So it should be no secret that two of the top candidates are animals and robots. But what if animals and robots teamed up?

Intel has taken the top spot of corporation reaching James Bond movie levels of sinister with the invention of spider robots. CEO Brian Krzanich, who even has a Bond villain name, demonstrated his companies new technology at a show in China. He showed that just by wearing a device on his hand, he can control at least three spider bots that look to be about the size of a cat.

The countdown to when they are sentient is now on.

MasterChugs Theater: What was that?

I’m gonna go ahead and precede this week’s article with an all general possibility for being Not Safe For Work (NSFW). I have no idea what your employer’s views are on employee bandwidth usage. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In a world, ravaged by the shards of time, thought long ago, with the future hanging in the balance, one man set out to enjoy a movie trailer without seeing cliche after cliche and cliche.

He was unsuccessful. Click the jump to find out why. Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: What was that?

MasterChugs Theater: ‘Doom’

The final entry in MasterChugs March Movie Mort Month is upon us. It’s loud. It’s painful. It’s got really big guns and possibly bigger muscles. It totally fits the theme for this year, which as some of you might have been able to tell, is “cinematic video-game adaptation bombs,” and boy howdy, is this movie ever a real life equivalent of Vampire Rain. That’s right, I’m talking about the one, the only, Doom. Step right in to feel the pain.

Having played all of the entries in the Doom game series, I can approach this movie from multiple viewpoints; however, I’m just going to approach it from the POV of a normal film-goer, as it tends to be the least headache-inducing.

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