Your heart is more important than your liver

If you see an Olympic hopeful sitting at the bar one night, leave him alone, he’s getting in shape. Also, you might want to question why you can recognize anyone trying out for the Olympics.

In any case, as it turns out, drinking is not only good for you, it can help keep you in shape. This blog has been saying this for years that 12 oz. curls are still curls. Studies now show that having a drink or two (or depending on your interpretation of “two,” 12) can help keep your heart in good shape, along with 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise.

The Guys recommend having the drinks before you exercise, or bring the drinks in your water bottle. Like work, exercise goes by much faster if you are under the influence. Besides, it’s more fun to stagger than jog anyway.

Repeal the unjust drinking law!

Right now, at this very moment, over 7 million people in this country are horribly oppressed. These are legal U.S. citizens, of all races, religions and political affiliations. They are single, married, divorced. They are young and they are old. The one thing they truly have in common is that they have the misfortune of living in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“Commonwealth” is a pretentious name for “state” used by Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

In any case, Virginians are being oppressed by their own state government. The worst part is the vast majority of them don’t even know it. What is it? It’s a law that says it is illegal to make sangria within the state borders.

Sangria, the famous Spanish drink, is not allowed to be made in its true form, because the law says you cannot mix wine or beer with distilled spirits. If you make the drink, you could get locked up for a year. To this blog, that punishment is much stiffer than the drink itself.

Yes Virgina, there is sangria. It could be coming your way soon because the state general assembly is going to look at the law and hopefully change it. The Guys are sending Bryan Schools, the closest member to Richmond to protest outside the Virginia General Assembly all week long.

The McBournie Minute: I’m right about the primaries

I predicted a couple weeks ago after the Iowa caucus that the rest of the states would choose Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama. I was dead on.

Since then, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mitt Romney and the Obama crush girl have all gotten wins and pundits are baffled. There are no clear leaders in either party’s race. No matter what the pundits keep orderin, voters for some reason are choosing to make up their own minds this time around. Why they chose these primaries over any other ones in the past 225 years is anyone’s guess. Regardless, with only a small amount of the country voicing their opinions so far, there is still no clear winner.

There is a sentence I did not think I would write until the Florida primaries.

However, there is some fun that can be had amongst this chaos, and like most at-home political fun, it requires watching news network coverage. You play a drinking game. What more American an approach to national politics can there possibly be?

Every time a network predicts a front-runner, winner or dark horse candidate, you do a shot. Not a sip, you wimps, a real, full shot. By the end of the night, you will be excited about when your state’s primary election is and you will want to vote for whoever makes the campaign promise of buying the next round.