Donkey takes goats, sheep on the lamb in L.A.

Los Angeles has had a rough go of it lately. It’s had a drought, wild fires, mudslides and NCIS: Los Angeles. But things somehow got even worse for Angelenos when a pack of animals ran loose on the streets.

Authorities say a donkey led a herd of goats and sheep through the streets of an L.A. suburb late last week. The beasts refused to comply with lawful orders of police officers to go home. They even managed to evade the cops attempting to arrest them. Considering how friendly L.A. cops can be when arresting you, this shows quite a bit of defiance.

Eventually, police tracked down the owner of the animals, which it was found had escaped through an open gate. The owner helped herd the animals, which for some reason were not charged with a single crime.

Can’t take the heat? Get out of the garden

For those with taste buds that range on the mild side, this will not be good news for you.

There’s a drought that’s been affecting the Midwest of the country, also known as the part of the country that produces the vast majority of produce for us. That’s bad. BUT! There’s one bit of good news to come out of it. At least, if you’re a masochist.

Thanks to the longer, hotter days, peppers are producing more capsaicin than they usually would. As such, we’re now getting hotter peppers. Ones turn into threes. Threes turn into fives. Nines turn into sixteens (I never was very good at math). It’s a veritable golden age for those that prefer to not be able to feel their tongue!