Oil trading at an all-time high



Rock and roll! Okay, maybe not that, but how about …


Big Oil!

No, it’s not a “Dallas” marathon … it’s the U.S. Interior Department! DUM, DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMMMM! Who knew that our nation’s most boring cabinet department was also the freakiest … or that working for the government could be so much fun? Well, other than the people working in all those other cabinet departments.

The scourge known as Sudoku

Let’s face it. The problem is everywhere you look. It’s on street corners, it’s on coffee tables, it’s even on the subways of our fair nation. It has the potential to ruin lives. The problem we are speaking of, of course, is Sudoku.

Recently, Sudoku hit the Australian judicial system when a trial for another vice, drugs, was aborted after it was found jurors were spending half of their time playing Sudoku. The scandal was uncovered the court discovered that some jurors were writing notes vertically during the trial.

Known for hooking people after just one try, Sudoku transfixes people with numbers and little boxes. Before you know it, you are doing the puzzles during dinner. From there, you are just a step away from sexual favors in a back alley for a pencil.

Don’t do Sudoku. Face your addiction, then conquer it.

France may surrender to Big Sobriety

Etienne Apaire — “head of a government body in charge of the fight against addiction to drugs or alcohol” — is shocked, SHOCKED, by the findings of recent alcohol surveys.

“He said research conducted in 2005 showed about one in four French 17-year-olds reported getting drunk at least three times in the previous 12 months, while one in 10 said they had got drunk 10 times or more.”

That’s right: one-quarter of all French 17 year-olds get drunk three times a year. (We’re guessing that New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day and Bastille Day are those three days.)

As such, Apaire has proposed to end Happy Hour, as if French drunks aren’t morose enough. Worse yet, he might not even be French because he’s suggested that French youth drink beer instead. Sacrebleu!

These Founding Guys could not be reached for comment.

Staying active in the twilight years

Getting in a car accident can be a bummer (just ask my roommate). Getting into a car accident on your 72nd birthday can be even worse. That’s what happened to Rodell Alton Cole of Maryland recently, but that wasn’t the worst of his day.

Cole got into a minor fender bender with another motorist, so the police had to get involved. They found the senior citizen was driving on a suspended license and asked him to empty out his car. During this process, Cole removed a rather heavy bag police found to allegedly contain 156.2 pounds of marijuana, a street value of $1.4 million.

Police said they think Cole was on a drug run from New York City, but failed to comment on whether or not he had driven the whole way down going 45 mph on the highway with his blinker on.