And that’s why I always carry a flask

We know there’s a horrible tragedy going on in Haiti. We’re not ignoring it by not posting, we just don’t see the humor in such a situation. So we’ve struggled to find an angle on the whole thing, and now we have it. Ladies and gentlemen, SG is here to inspire your Monday morning.

Days after the search and rescue missions for earthquake survivors ended in Haiti, a man was found beneath what was once a hotel. Keep in mind, he was found alive 11 days after the earthquake, generally, people die after less than a week of food.

So how did he do it? He survived on food and drink left in the rubble from what once was a shop. Namely, he lived on candy, crackers, soda, beer and whisky. Yes, whisky.

Remember, everyone, booze can safe your life. It makes miracles all the time.