Worst. Controversy. EVER.

Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest is the undisputed brass ring for all competitive eaters, but lo and behold, controversy has arrived. Controversy! Major League Eating (yes, it’s a real thing), the people behind the July 4 contest, decided to split the event into men’s and women’s brackets; however, the grand prize purse for the women’s title was just one-fourth of what was offered to the men: $2,500 for the ladies, $10,000 for men. Controversy!

After an uproar regarding the prize disparity arose, Nathan’s changed their tune, and will now offer $10,000 to both the male and female winner of the contest. Not controversial at all!

First we give them the vote, then allow them to drive and now women get paid to win eating contests? Man, we men can’t get anything for ourselves anymore.