Study: Netflix is C-blocking you

Technology has shaped the modern world, and it has brought us a golden age of entertainment. But these technological advancements come with a steep price. “Netflix and chill” might be a lie, it turns out.

According to a new study, we’re not having as much sex as we used to. In fact, if you’re married, you’re in the biggest sexual rut of your life. (We’re not saying it, science is saying it.) In 1990, American married couples had sex an average of 73 times a year, but that dropped to just 55 times a year in 2014. Among the reasons for this decline in sexual activity researchers blamed were on-demand entertainment, such as your DVR, Netflix or even YouTube. Because we’re not as bored at night, we’re no longer turning to our spouses for entertainment.

Also listed as a C-block was having children. Parents are having kids later in life these days, and taking care of young kids really kills the mood.

This raises the question: Being a parent might extend your life, but is that life really worth living?

Heath Ledger will haunt you–literally

In breaking news, Heath Ledger is still dead.

From what it looks like at this point, he won’t be coming out retirement to make any new movies in the near future. However, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been making a few cameos since parting this mortal coil. Ledger has apparently been haunting former fiancee Venus Michelle Williams.

Williams, who asserts she is not just plain honey roasted nuts, said Ledger has visited her, apparently in a new role as a “shadowy figure.” No word yet as to whether the couple have made pottery together.

Maybe if you had gone to see his movies, you would get a personal visit, too.

(Thanks Rick)