That is one rich appetite

We’ve given you many stories in the past of food that’s so expensive, you’d have to take out a second mortgage just to have the chance to dine on it. But some people are just so money hungry that they’re … well … hungry for money.

A man flying in Europe won 10,000 euros on the flight via a scratch card. That’s pretty frickin’ amazing. Per the company’s rules, all he had to do was collect the money from the company running the competition once the plane had landed and was on the ground. That’s pretty easy to do, right?

Wrong. And how dare you for thinking otherwise.

The man reportedly became frustrated with this simple set of rules and then began eating his ticket. This, in turn, caused the ticket (and the subsequent large sum of money) to become null and void. The money is now going to a charity. The man only wanted the money to be with him at that very moment. How hard is that to understand?

While it’s good that the money will be going to a good cause, still-what a moron.

The people want their money back

A German man, like so many of us, was driving on the highway (or “motorway” as they say in Europe because they don’t know the real term for it) when he needed to stop at a restroom.

Just like we all do, he pulled into a rest area and went inside to do his business. As everyone else does, he brought a plastic bag holding 10,000 euros. And as will happen from time to time, he forgot the bag in the restroom and drove off, not realizing he was missing it until some 30 minutes later.

And not surprisingly, the bag was gone when he returned.