Someone bought Hitler’s underwear for some reason

Hitler’s underwear went on the auction block last week and you missed out on it–unless of course you’re the highest bidder.

An auction house in Maryland sold a pair of Adolf Hitler’s underwear, fetching $6,737. The monogrammed white boxers were said to have been left at an Austrian hotel after the Nazi leader stayed there in 1938. The hotel owner’s grandson sold the weird item.

Some readers may recall that Eva Braun’s panties were auctioned off just last year. Turns out both pairs of Nazi underwear were sold at the same auction house, Alexander Historical Auctions.

So if you’ve got some creepy OG Nazi stuff you want to unload (and alt right rallies show the market is hot right now), apparently Maryland is open for business.

You missed out on the auction of Eva Braun’s panties

She’s been dead for 71 years, but the old Nazi gal’s panties are still worth something.

More than a year ago, we told you about Adolf Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun’s panties were going up for auction after being found in Ohio of all places. This week, they fetched about $3,700 at auction from an undisclosed buyer and likely Trump supporter.

Cheer up. We’re sure that the underwear of another ruthless mass-murderer’s mistress/wife will go up for sale sometime soon.

Eva Braun’s panties are up for sale, if you’re into that sort of thing

There are just two-and-a-half weeks until Father’s day. Do you know what you’re going to give dear old dad? This year, why not get your father something from the Fatherland?

For just $7,500, you can own a pair of panties owned by Adolf Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun. According to the owners, the Nazi knickers were taken from the infamous Eagle’s Nest at the end of World War II by an American soldier. Today they’re in a thrift shop Elmore, Ohio, a small town outside of Toledo. They look authentic, right?

No doubt they’ll sell fast, since there are Germans all over the Midwest.

And cue the Downfall parody in 3, 2, 1 …

Scientists have discovered that the real owner of the famed Fuhrer’s skull is actually female, making everyone ask:

Wait for it.

Keep waiting.

DUM DUM DUMMMMMMMM! What really happened to Hitler?

DNA analysis on the skull fragment thought to belong to one Adolf Hitler performed at the University of Connecticut has proven that it came from a female aged anywhere between 20 and 40 years of age, despite being found in what was believed to be Hitler’s grave.

What was previously believed to be Hitler’s corpse was cremated by the KGB in 1970, meaning that there’s no real way of verifying whether this skull fragment was simply misidentified or whether the corpse, in fact, didn’t belong to Hitler in the first place. But with the skull fragmented and thus discredited, let the conspiracy theorists run wild!

Conspiracy theory number 1: Hitler was actually Girl Hitler.