In hindsight …

Whether it’s for your body, your car or just something that could benefit you in general, we at SG believe in preventative maintenance. Exercise a little, eat a banana or some greens minus the bacon, check on your tires, save a few dollars here and there, you know? By doing the little stuff, the early checks and balances of your day to day activities, you can make your future that much easier.

Which is why we’d like to advocate to South Korea that the actions of whoever it is in that country that gives out licenses to drive may not be doing the preventative maintenance that it should be doing. Like giving a license to drive to a senior citizen that’s failed the driving exam 960 times.

He said that Mrs Cha would not be a danger, since it was on the written part of the test, rather than the practical side, that she had failed so many times.

Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and say that phrase may come back to bite Su-yeon in the butt.

Fun Fact: Preventative maintenance never killed anyone.