Injecting yourself with poo a bad idea, doctors warn

Folks, here’s a reminder for you: don’t inject yourself with poo, be it your own or someone else’s. We know you, dear reader, already know that, but you may want to tell your dumb friends.

Doctors are concerned about a new trend of people injecting themselves with poo. People on YouTube are blending up poo (hopefully then throwing out their blender) and giving themselves enemas. There are even web sites set up to connect donors with poo recipients.

Doctors do fecal transplants for treatment of certain illnesses, so why can’t you do it at home? Aside from being super gross, there’s no screening of the poo, so there’s a decent chance that you’re injecting yourself with microbes that can lead to serious deadly health problems.

So once again, ask your doctor if blending poo and then putting it in your own butt is right for you. Perhaps our own Dr. Snee can help.

Fecal transplants: taste good and good for you

There's not a single-celled organism alive that's gonna swim in that pool now.
There’s not a single-celled organism alive that’s gonna swim in that pool now.

Ever since doctors discovered a way to convince patients to let them stick another patient’s poo in them, they’ve noticed a lot of health benefits, too. A new study shows that fecal transplants clear up bacterial infections more effectively than antibiotics. For one infection, Clostridium difficile, “the transplant had a 94% cure rate, three times greater than for those who took only the antibiotic vancomycin.”

Scientists believe the treatment could one day treat obesity and food allergies, because once you eat a turd, man, that’s rock bottom.