Update: Florida approves ‘evolved’ science curriculum

We’ve followed this story from one article to the next, each with its own set of flame wars between smug atheists, smug fundamentalists and the occassional scientific wet blanket.

In one heck of an upset, the state school board voted 4-3 in favor of basing all biology classes on “the scientific theory of evolution.” “The scientific theory of” was added at the urging of concerned fundies to make sure their children understand that “evolution is not a fact.”

Instead, children will learn the process behind a scientific theory, as opposed to the throw-your-hands-up and make-a-wild-guess process behind everyday theories. This should go over well.

Freeloading feline

Meatloaf was just a regular cat … we thought. This is where trusting these monsters because they are furry and sometimes look like Ewoks becomes dangerous.

Meatloaf resides in his native Florida. Why then did the cat sneak a ride all the way out to Arizona? What was the cat really after? Why hijack a a container? We are assembling a SeriousTeam to investigate the matter. But for now, beware.

Still no science curriculum for Florida

The debate to include “evolution” into Florida’s state science curriculum is still ongoing. The St. Petersburg Times reported that most teachers have been advised against teaching it, and some even omit it entirely to avoid any criticism.

In other news:

“A 1999 survey of biology teachers [emphasis ours] in Oklahoma, for example, found that 12 percent wanted to omit evolution and teach creationism instead. A similar survey in Louisiana found that 29 percent of biology teachers believed creationism should be taught, while in South Dakota, it was 39 percent.”

You gotta really hate your subject if you refuse to teach it.