It takes balls to let the Internet name a building

American democracy–which historians contrast with ancient Greek democracy as “less homoerotic”–is on the ropes in Indiana.

Fort Wayne city and county officials opened up a public vote to name their new government building. This being the Internet and all, the current front-runner is the Harry Baals Government Center.

But, despite a 5, 701 vote lead over the next runner-up, city officials have already suggested that they will not name the building after the former four-term mayor. According to Deputy Mayor Beth Malloy, “We’re not going to make any decisions that look bad.”

Too late, Fort Wayne. This decision shows a remarkable lack of foresight. Sure, shaved testicles are prized now, but you never know when Harry Baals will be back in style.

Just for the record: it’s pronounced “bales.” So, we’re pretty sure where Ms. Malloy’s head is at.

Get’cher own piece o’history, right’chere!

Want to own a piece of Baltimore history, a bit of gaming that helped unseat a mayor of the east coast city?

The city of Baltimore is auctioning off an Xbox 360 that prosecutors say then-mayor Sheila Dixon purchased with gift cards meant for the poor. For shame. And just how many gift cards does it take to make a purchase like that?

The Xbox 360, a single controller and copy of Need for Speed Carbon, are up for bid on eBay right now, with the price now moving at $650 (as of writing this post). Proceeds from the sale will go to Youthworks of Baltimore. The 360 was seized from Dixon’s home in 2008 after allegations of embezzlement surfaced against the mayor. A jury later found Dixon guilty and she resigned from office on February 4 of that year and was ordered to perform 500 hours of community service.

She also had to give up the Xbox 360.