The contents of the sky are falling! The contents of the sky are falling!

Julie Knight of Coxley, England came home to a gruesome just horrible sight. More than 100 dead and injured starlings had fallen out of the sky and onto her property.

It’s just such a horrible thing to happen. Truly.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were unable to determine the cause of the birds death. The birds sustained physical injuries-they were neither poisoned nor did they fly into power lines. RSPCA spokeswoman Helen Cohen believes the birds may have been surprised by a predator:

The only possible explanation we can think of is that something has caused the flock to suddenly change their direction of flight and caused them to hit the ground.

It could have been that a bird of prey could have scared them into doing this, but it is still a mystery really.

The theory at SG Towers? The animals have now begun using kamikaze techniques-en masse. Which is truly terrifying. Who knows if it’ll end with just starlings, which are scary enough with their pointy beaks, and not something larger, like vultures or winged pigs?