Take it from Snee: Playing god on a budget

While some of us may have been born into wealth and power, and even fewer of us may claw our way up the ladder to it, the rest of us have to get by with what little material success we’ve scraped together. So, how does one feel better about their station? By applying their arbitrary rules to some self-made underling, usually children.

But, children are expensive. They eat, they break things and they refuse to get a job to pay for either. And of those who do work? Even renting children as actors costs millions of dollars once they get their SAG card.

That’s why I’ve come up with this list of non-children to homeschool into your own slightly-less-than-divine image. Continue reading Take it from Snee: Playing god on a budget

Our theory may have been off some

Remember last month when a bunch of blue balls fell from the sky in England, and the Guys theorized that it was the work of a gender-specific male sky?

We maaaay have been off. Or at least, science seems to think that we are.

Nerds Jerk-faced jerks that want to prove us wrong Scientists at Bournemouth University claim to have solved the mystery, claiming that they’re actually a chemical polymers found in gardening tools and diapers. This means we can now add one more stereotype to the British:

  • Not only do the British have horribly offensive teeth, BUT…
  • They also have diaper breath.