It’s an exchange in the loosest term of the word

Let your alcohol-enjoying taste buds fear tyranny at the gas pump no longer! Beer-anny, as we like to call it, for the longest time, was relegated to forcing a person to drink down the worst swill possible: Icehouse, Bud-anything, Colt 45, King Cobra, Coors, MGD and so forth. At some locations, you might be lucky enough to score a Sam Adam’s sixer, but hope is little and far away. But no more if the gas station you frequent is of the Sunoco brand!

Sunoco has so far piloted its Craft Beer Exchange program at 12 locations and to much success! The program allows customers access to 64-oz. growlers or 6-packs of 12-oz. bottles that can be filled with craft-brew brands like Allagash, Abita, Dogfish Head, and Victory. In other words, beer that actually tastes good. This program will now be tested out in South Carolina and hopefully into other locations!

May your gas tank be full and your mouth be overflowing with tasty beverages! Just not necessarily at the same time.

And it probably shouldn’t be hot pink, either

If you’re going to rob a store, you may want to actually have a weapon that will intimidate. A gun is an excellent example of this, however, a toy gun–not so much. We have seen this used in several movies,  Made and Big Trouble just to name a few. But you know what happens when you use a fake gun to show people you mean business, they figure out it’s a toy gun.

That’s what happened in Alabama, when Rick Snee a man tried to rob a gas station. The store clerk was not so intimidated and pulled out a cricket bat. Seeing his error in bringing a toy gun to a cricket bat fight, the would-be thief took off running into the night.

Why the hell does a gas station in Alabama have cricket bat?