Goose executions rampant in NYC

Remember the “Miracle on the Hudson,” when geese tried to take down a plane on takeoff, only to be thwarted by a perfect water landing? New York swore it would never be vulnerable to such an attack ever again. It seems they are making good on their promise.

The city has killed about 400 geese in Brooklyn to make sure fliers are safe again. They rounded up the birds into cages, then led them off to a gas chamber. Really. For all their liberal, no-sodium notions, at least the city understands the threat we face.

[via Consumerist]

Win some, lose some

It’s Monday morning, and we’ve got good news and bad news for you. We know you’re already grumpy, so let’s start off with the good news.

Remember back in January when a double bird strike caused US Airways Flight 1549 to ditch in the Hudson River? Well, New York City is ready to deal with the Canada goose threat. They are going to start culling geese. It’s so seldom to see any government body so willing to fight against our animal enemy, but clearly, we have a friend in New York.

And then there’s the bad news. Sea stars, better known to the common man as starfish, are booming off the coast of New England. The worst part is that no one’s exactly sure why it’s happening. Starfish are dangerous creatures, even if you cut them in half they will regenerate and become two star fish. That’s just not good.