Next time, use the e-brake

There are so many ways you can park a car:

  • You can park on a street.
  • You can park in a parking garage.
  • You can park in your assigned spot.
  • You can park in your driveway.
  • You can park on the wrong side of town.
  • And in Glendale, California, through a strange confluence of events, you can somehow park your car on a neighbor’s roof.

Welcome to the plummet of our nation

Maybe we’re not so great. Okay, the Guys are, but some states in the US may not quite be so. The latest contenders?

  • Kentucky: Where teenagers are intelligent enough to think that taking a photo of yourself stealing gas from a cop car and then posting said photo on Facebook completely nullifies the crime. SPOILERS: It doesn’t.

Go ahead and make your choice. We’ll be sitting here in the corner simpering for the future.