Still no cure for combovers

The Guys hate to be bearers of bad news, but know that we’re suffering about this, too.

It turns out that your hair dresser was never that into you. But, although they most definitely do not want to bang you in a barber chair (or in the shampoo station), they don’t want you to die, either.

In the last month alone, 37 percent of polled Houston hairdressers examined at least half of their customers for signs of melanoma on their face, neck and scalp.

And that other half that went uninspected? Well, that’s what happens when you don’t tip, cancer-ass.

Brew and a haircut, two bits

It is a sad day in Michigan. Once again, activist judges are trying to keep people from their favorite pass time: drinking. But what’s worse is that now they are issuing rulings that threaten free enterprise.

There are 11 Jude’s Barbershops in the Grand Rapids area, and thanks to a court ruling, now none of them can give a free beer with a shave or a haircut. The state’s attorney general said the barbershops need a liquor license in order to give out the free brew.

In totally unrelated news, Grand Rapids area men are now getting hairier for no apparent reason.