Take it from Snee: The King’s Naughty Speech

The Oscar nominations were announced this week, which means it’s time for the average American to pretend to care about non-explodey movies.

The one film that most people will lie about seeing when writing their “Top 2010 Movies” lists is The King’s Speech. Let’s not kid ourselves: it’s about a British king, but not one that fights battles alongside talking animals. This movie wasn’t made; it was grown in a lab to take up space in your Netflix cue.

But Miramax head, Harvey Weinstein (whose last name can’t decide how to pronounce “-ein”), has a plan: editing out the swearing to bump it down to a PG-13 or PG rating. This makes sense because the movie has seriously been hurt by the lack of grade schoolers asking their parents, “Who’s Winston Churchill?” in a crowded theater.

What might such a movie sound like, long before it reaches even basic cable? Read on for Harry, England and St. George! Continue reading Take it from Snee: The King’s Naughty Speech