Hello Overload

Good news for Bryan Schools: Taiwan-based airline EVA Air will be rolling out Hello Kitty based flights for the Taipei market. From the outside in, everything is Hello Kitty, from the baggage tags to the headrests to special meals. You can even get Hello Kitty pasta from the stewardess, who will of course be in a Hello Kitty apron.

I feel diabetic.

Now these flights are not going everywhere in the world. You can see the basic schedule of flights below.

Magic Jet flies Taipei-Sapporo (BR116/115) daily and Taipei-Guam (BR20/19) on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Apple Jet flies Taipei-Fukuoka (BR2106/2105) every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday; Taipei-Seoul (BR160/159) daily.
Global Jet flies Taipei-Hong Kong (BR857/858) and Taipei-Tokyo (BR2189/2197) daily.

This isn’t the first time that EVA air has done this. They introduced the Hello Kitty themed planes back in 2005, but they had to stop the flights in 2009 because the contract expired. Either way, your (and Bryan Schools’) Hello Kitty dream flight is back and ready to board. Now if you will excuse us, we have to take the incredibly cute airsick bag and go throw up some rainbows.

That is not a euphemism.

HKMMORPG, kekeke ^_^

For you technophobes out there that haven’t plugged into The Matrix an MMORPG, yet love anything crapped out by the Japanese: your days are numbered.

That’s right, Hello Kitty–that weird cat thing that tops every pencil sold in Tokyo–will go online. Anticipated quests include: topping pencils, erasing marks that they make and filing quizzes in your Trapper Keeper innards.

Seriously, does anyone know what this cat does? Is it a tentacle porn thing? It’s for kids, so probably.